A companion animal line with unrivaled results would typically warrant high-end pricing, but MRVL Pet founders had a different idea.

Yearning to make a positive difference in the lives of others, MRVL Pet adopted a business philosophy to “pay it forward” by offering products the pet owner can afford and by giving back to the community where the blue scorpion makes its home. 

When you purchase MRVL Pet products, 5% of your purchase price is donated to Today’s Promises, our nonprofit charity that operates an orphanage in the Caribbean. Not only will your purchase benefit your pet, but it will also benefit children in need!

The key ingredient of MRVL Pet’s ground-breaking nutraceuticals, Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™, supports your pet’s natural immune function. In its original form, Caribbean blue scorpion venom contains antioxidants and chlorotoxin that promote wellness. Using proprietary technology, MRVL Labs isolate, extract, and purify the beneficial compounds within the venom to create our proprietary ingredient, Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX. This highly-purified derivative is scientifically formulated to achieve the perfect concentration of healthy enzymes, minerals, and amino acids.


Inspired to help? Below are ways you can “pay it forward” with a personal donation of your own.